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Web system works seamlessly with the products of selected manufacturers. We work closely to make your life better.

Patent case number of P1600631

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How works with manufacturers?

1. Bene Health Kit is being integrated into the product of manufacturer to measure the health data of people.
2. Bene Health Cloud collects and analyzes the data as well as manages permissions, who can access which information
3. Bene Health App shows real time health data, alerts, predictions and advices

Cooperation process with manufacturers

1. Bene Health prototypes are the base of new products
2. We iterate the concept together with the manufacturer due to ensure the best product. We explore real problems, find target market, research and involve end users from the beginning
3. We help to launch the new smart product, to refine the marketing and operates the Bene Health service comprehensively

Business model

1. The producer can launch an innovative, new product, faster than its competitors
2. The producer able to increase the sales and profit
3. As a totally new revenue stream, can earn commision from Bene Health user subscriptions, continuously

Some of our prototypes


Can help both in the office or car


Take care of elderly, sick people, babies or even pets


Help people, who really need it


Can take care everywhere, all the time

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